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Ask Al and Jean
How Is an Offer Different from a Contract?

     When you have decided on a home you would like to purchase, you will be expressing your willingness to offer to purchase that home, and it can be expressed in verbal or written terms. Once your offer is presented to the seller, the terms can be negotiated between both parties.

     If a meeting of the minds is reached, then a binding contract to purchase is created. By law, the purchase contract must be in writing. The typical purchase contract will contain a detailed description of the property, the price, the terms of purchase and the date of transfer.

     Offers to purchase can be revoked prior to acceptance. Contracts are binding once fully executed by both parties and would require mutual agreement to terminate. Our goal is to make the home purchase process as clear as possible for you and to provide accurate answers to this and all of your questions.
Product Recommendation for your Home - Save your stove top

            Al had been looking for just the right product for protecting our stove top and for total ease in cleaning.  There are so many variations in stove tops - number of burners, how they’re configured etc. This website is easy to navigate -he got the Make/Model of our stove top and ordered it online.  He never mentioned he was researching such a product; he just came in, unrolled it and placed it on the range top under the grates.  It was magic.  Not only does it protect the underneath portion but if you have a spill-over,  a little water or Windex and a paper towel – good as new.  Or remove the Stovegard to wash it in the sink if you've really had a "situation."  Here are a couple of photos – I was boiling potatoes (to mash – God’s gift to the Universe) and let them bubble over to make a mess (I’ll do anything to show you).  After the burner cooled down,  I gave it quick clean.  Like new again!   I love this product - and it sure beats anything else we've tried over the years.

Check out the link above for better information! 

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     In the past, we’ve mentioned how critical it is to have your affairs in order NO MATTER YOUR AGE [over 18] OR financial assets – to have a Will or a Trust.  So many people think it isn’t necessary unless you own property or have vast investments.  Of course, one should have legal instructions no matter what your financial situation or age is. If you have nothing but a checking account, at least provide the bank with the name of an alternate person who can access your account if something happens to you.

      Case in point, very recently a friend of ours lost her son suddenly and tragically. He was not married; nor did he have children.  She flew to Phoenix to take care of business but there was very little information to go by. She wasn’t listed on any accounts and his records were sporadic, at best.  There were a few papers and credit cards, and keys to a Safety Deposit box – but at which bank?  We went through the plastic cards – there were a few bank cards and a Debit Card.  We went to four different banks trying to determine if he had a current account.  Each time we asked if there was a Safety Deposit Box in his name…finally, we  tracked down his box at a different branch. Once a Death Certificate is presented, there is a 30-day required HOLD to access accounts...and a Court Order is required when someone dies intestate [without a Will].
     Most of us don’t know where our adult children bank, what credit cards or debts they have, payments, memberships, passwords. As in our friend’s case, it has been a horrific task to find these things out in order to do what is necessary.

     No matter who you are or what you have, somebody [probably a family member]  should be in the loop as to your general information [accounts, beneficiaries, passwords, any information assuming your living quarters need to be closed down, names of people to notify etc.]  Especially if you are unmarried. 
     It was so difficult for our friend to deal with the loss of her son to begin with…then to have to figure out his life, etc. was tragic and painful to watch. If you don’t want to give someone a document, put all of that information in your home; but make sure your next of kin knows where it is.

     We asked our family members to be sure someone is in the loop and legally able to take over in an emergency.   It’s a very considerate gift to give to your loved ones.

Wondering What’s Happening in Your Neighborhood?
How has the price of your home changed in today's market? How much are other homes in your neighborhood selling for? Do I need a house inspection? These are all critical questions that shouldn't be overlooked when thinking about buying or selling your home.

Whether you're curious about prices in your area, whether it's an excellent time to sell, or just need an expert to answer your questions, we can give you the tools and offer guidance through the entire buying or selling process.

Let us know how we can help by simply giving us a call to set up a time to connect. We won't waste your time -  just give you the honest facts about your home, its value and what's happening in your neighborhood.
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Refreshing Dessert - takes 1 minute

What’s for dessert?

                September is the beginning of the end of our summer here in Arizona so most of us don’t want to bake but would like something easy and refreshing.  Growing up in Illinois, they were called BLACK COWS, but Al tells me that he grew up calling them BROWN COWS…universally, they’re called ROOT BEER FLOATS!  We’ve served them often – guests often have said "Why don’t we ever think to make these?"   We may personally be responsible for the resurgence of this treat.  In my old home town of Elmhurst, Illinois, there was an A & W Drive-In – a place we kids loved to go to for a "Black Cow."  It’s been gone for years…but the memory lingers on.

All you need is VANILLA ICE CREAM, Root Beer (we usually have A & W on hand), an ice cream scoop, a glass/mug, a spoon and a straw….we put the ice cream in - lots of it; then slowly pour the COLD root beer over.  That’s it!

To serve six (6), we'll buy the

  • 2 quart A & W ROOT BEER
  • and have on hand a 1/2 gallon of Vanilla or French Vanilla ice cream. 
  • Use what you need - plenty left for another time if it's just two of you.

 Maricopa Property Taxes Due October 1st

     Due dates for commercial and residential property taxes are the same; October 1 for the first half of this year and March 1 of the following year for the second half. Delinquent dates are also the same.  To pay them on-line, here is the link:

Maricopa County makes the process so simple.  You can sign up for e-notification as well as paying on line. 

      WARNING:   If you’ve recently bought a home your taxes may/or may not have been pre-paid depending on when you closed.  Do not be lulled into complacency that you don’t owe anything by October 1st.  Go to the website and find your property – it will tell you what you owe.

     We just paid ours on-line while reviewing the process.  Your property is identified by an APN NUMBER [Assessor Parcel Number] which can be found on your property purchase paperwork OR you can click on GET APN which will take you to the County Assessors Office.  then you can return to the MARICOPA COUNTY TREASURER'S website to complete the payment  

  • Click on PAY your taxes
  • Add your APN number
  • Fill the information in and verify the address etc.
  • Add your credit card number
  • Verify again and SUBMIT. 

You’ll immediately have a receipt of payment in hand.  We always put it on our annual calendar to remind us that they’re due October 1st and March 1st.    There you go – all done!

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